Should Briton intervene in the Hong Kong crisis?

Dear Mr Cleverly

I am a female year 5 student at Lyons Hall primary school in Branchy and I am writing to tell you about the Hong Kong crises and what I think needs to be done.

Hong Kong was not a democracy when it was ruled by the British, but in 1997 when we handed Hong Kong back to China. China started taking away Hong Kong’s human rights and freedoms such as. There were some Hong Conger’s selling books that were band in china then shortly after disappeared then reappeared in Chines prisons. Plus, Hong Kong is not allowed to vote for their ruler which is really not fair.

From the info we have researched in school, I do not think we should intervene because it has got really dangerous and China has one of the biggest army’s in the world plus we have a huge trade deal with China. Some people might not agree with me because they feel bad for Hong Kong.

Yours sincerely, healthy_deer

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