should intervene with Hong Kong

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Dear Mr Cleverly

I am a year 5 student living in Braintree. I am writing to you about China taking over Hong Kong. I think that Britain should not intervene with this because we get a lot of our things and trading brands with China. On my behalf, I would like you to share my opinion.

If we send our army to sort this, they may get seriously injured. China’s army is bigger than ours – one of the biggest in the world in fact, so we have no chance against them. Also, we may lose trading with China.

However, I think we should intervene because famous booksellers have been disappearing and reappearing in Chinese prisons. The reason why they are in prison is because China did not like the stories that were inside the books. China has also been picking Hong Kong’s leaders without their permission.

In conclusion, I think we should not intervene has China is one of our biggest trading partners so we might lose that. It’s a big risk to our country.

Yours sincerely,


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