Should or should we not get involved?

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Dear Harriet Harman,

My name is artistic_literature and i am writing to you about the crisis that is happening in Hong Kong. Every one is debating about whethever we should interviene . As you should know years ago Britain has had a war whith China,so China gave Britain Hong Kong, and recently Britain has given Hong Kong back and made a rule called the one country two system agreement . But China has apparently broken the rule.

Even though the people of Hong Kong have been protesting peacful and violent marches and violent clashes with the police. I think Britain should not interviene for we have our own problems including Brexit and global warming e.c.t, also China is responsible enough to deal with it themselves. In the future I hope that Hong Kong and China can finally stop arguing. I think you should listen because you don't want to start a war by getting involved.

Thank you for reading my point of veiw

Yours Sincerely,


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