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Although I think that the article you positive_potato made and published is virtually precise, I mildly disagree. Reasoning behind this is that if people want something to change for your own rights people might do major protests and strikes and, in these protests people do little things like shout or walk around with posters with a message and if you are thinking that that is not a little thing will it is a very little thing compared to what people do like when a woman ran topless shouting for women's rights matter in America and people do even more dangerous feats that are life-threatening like when sadly 40-year-old Emily Davison died whilst throwing herself in front a horse for women rights to vote. I am referring to this because at one point a woman decided to sacrifice their own lives to get the right to vote. This is the same with all major protests as people do some things like sacrifice their life for equal rights.

However, I do agree that violence is not the way to protest as positive positive_potato said it is like fighting fire with fire it would result in nothing or it will worsen the issue. Now to end this do I agree that protests should be violent? I think they should not be violent as it will resolve into nothing or worsen the situation.

so, my overall answer is NO

If you read this thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.



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  • tom Tom @ Topical Talk
    14 Oct 2019

    Thank you for this response, rhetorical_strategy. If you are replying to someone in future, please use the comment section rather than make a new post.

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