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When the Uk handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997 the one country two systems was instated which meant that Hong Kong kept its government but would become a fully fledged part of China in 2047. The current protests were started by an extradition bill put forward by the Hong Kong governmet which would mean that some Hong Kong criminals would be exradited to China for their sentences in the mindset that the prisons are tougher than in Hong Kong . Which will stop the criminals from reoffending. But the people of Hong Kong see the bill as a way for China to get a tighter grip on Hong Kong’s legal system. Though the bill has now been postponed the protest have only grown bigger and people are not just fighting against the bill they are fighting against China trying to change the ethos of Hong Kong.

So is it up to the Uk to intervene as threats of the Chinese army taking control are becoming a lot more real. Do you think we should?

My personal view is that the UK gave Honkong back to China with a deal which both Hong Kong and China agreed to and the problem is the fact that China is trying to breech those terms so it is not up to the Uk to help.

But on the other side of the argument should the Uk have changed Hong Kong leagal system before handing it back to China to better adapt to being part of China?

Its up to you to decide weather you think that we should help or stay out.

Please comment your views as I would love to see how other people think.

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