Should we get involved in the Hong Kong crisis?

Dear Mr Cleverly

I am a female, year five student from Lyons Hall Primary School. At school we have been focusing on the Hong Kong Crisis. In this letter I will pass my opinion and I think it is important you read this because I may be small but my ideas are as good as yours. I live in Braintree therefore you are my M.P.

Since the handover in 1997 Hong Kong has changed massively. There are millions of people flooding out onto the streets, fighting. This is because China won`t give Hong Kong any freedom. Hong Kong are suffering badly.

I think we should keep out of this because it is a huge risk as we get lots of products from China and that could stop. Also if our army get involved then they will probably end up getting injured badly as China has one of the biggest army`s. Then if we need our army badly then we won`t have one however I do agree with 1 country 2 systems and think it should continue.

Some people may disagree as they might have relatives who have to suffer through this. Therefore they have possibly experienced more.

I hope my opinion will make a difference because as I say I may be small but my ideas are as good as yours.

Your sincerely Invigorated Tornado

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