Should we help?

Dear Mr Cleverly

I am writing to you to share my point of view about the Hong Kong situation.

I think Britain should get involved because China are breaking promises by taking over Hong Kong. Britain and China sighed a contract claiming that China can not intervene with Hong Kong till 2047. Also, the Hong Kongers deserve human rights and if China take over too much then Hong Kongers get none. Did you know 99.9% of people in Chinese court get found guilty. I don’t think I would like to live in China.

One of the reasons people say we should not get involved is because they have a huge army. When they say that - I say this - it does not have to result in violence. We should be trying to find a diplomatic way around the situation. Nothing should have to end in violence. Also, people say I don’t live in Hong Kong so I don’t care. I think that’s unfair when they say that because the Hong Kongers are humans too.

Thank you for reading about my point of view. I hope you will do something about this.

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