Should we interfere?

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Should we interfere with the Hong Kong crisis?

This question might have both sides for this opinion. My class has dicussed this today and here are ideas that we have thought of for both sides of why we should/shouldn't interfere.

We should interfere!

We should interfere because we have signed the agreement form that if we give Hong Kong back to China, China has to keep their laws and everything that we have done to them but they have betrayed us! Even if China will come to us, we still have a good army to help us and support us so we will be safe! It's like when you are in school and if I've promised someone to play outside, and I left them out, it wouldn't be fair like what China did! We need to interfere and get China to keep all of the laws and human rights that we gave them so Hong Kong would live their life normally!

There were more of these but these are the ones that I've remembered.

We shouldn't interfere!

We shouldn't interfere because it's their own problem and their business! We shouldn't because China gives us lots of goods from their country and it'll be bad if they refused to transport items for us! We shouldn't because what if they come over to our country and start setting bombs down and shooting rubber bullets at us? China has a really strong army and the largest in the world and if they come over to us and we're not ready, they'll get us easily! We can't always keep our army to do everything, what if they get ingured and we'll have nobody to protect us if they come!

There were many simular ones but all have a good answer about why they thought of that.

What I think

My opinion was hard to choose and I went with one when both of them got me struggling to decide but I think both sides because:

We should because we had a promise with China and they just left us with a GIANT lie to be hard to forget and get over. We need to get into there and end this and even if they try to attack us, we have won many battles and win.

We shouldn't interfere because what we don't get ready for a fight and the news won't get spreaded easily and they come for a surprise attack? It's their own business and if we interfere, they might throw gas bombs and shoot rubber bullets at everyone.

Everyone has their own opinion and I hope that you could share your opinions.

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