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Dear Harriet,

My name is crafty_fly and protesters don't agree with the new rule that the Chinese government has made. We need to help Hong Kong because the Chinese government hasn't kept his promise. We shouldn't trust China because they havn't kept their one country two systems promise. In the 1800s China lost a series of wars to Britain and Britain took control of Hong Kong so we're involved. They need our help because Chinese policemen are shooting rubber bullets and arresting people who live in Hong Kong. This is why I want us to help Hong Kong. We have helped them in the past so we must help them in the future. We need to help Hong Kong.

Yours truly


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  • Beckers Green Primary School free_engine | Beckers Green Primary School
    17 Oct 2019

    In my opinion it think China is taking Hong Kong for themselves and I think we should intervene and these are my reasons why: first of all Hong Kong doesn't like that they don't have human writes and also they don't like that they have to go to court in China and not in Hong Kong

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  • The Sherwood School artistic_leopard | The Sherwood School | United Kingdom
    17 Oct 2019

    In my opinion, Britain should not intervene with the Hong Kong protests. This is because at the point
    they join this small argument it will lead to war. In addition to this, people's lives will be put at risk and
    as far as I know citizens around Britain will die. So I think that move wouldn't lead to checkmate Crafty_fly.

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