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Hong Kong right now is in a huge crisis. People can make elections, but China picks their president. People think that China has too much power over Hong Kong. The current Chief Excecutive Carrie Lam, whom HongKonger's view as Beijing's puppet, is trying to stop all the protesting. Hong Kong is a part of China, however in it's day to day existence, Hong Kong operates like it's own country in many ways. They both share the President of China as their chief of state. There have been clashes since June when we've seen police firing rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray at protesters in repeated bids to break up peaceful demonstrations.


Hong Kong's protest has started since June. People are protesting around the street, about 2 million people (1/4 of the population in Hong Kong) were apart of a protest and police blocked airports for a few days and started firing tear gas and ruber bullets, injuring other protesters badly. Hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong, a city of about seven million, protested a contentious extradition law on June 9. HongKongers wear masks (that look like medical masks) to dodge pollution. As a result, Hong Kong has seen a wave of protests that have attracted millions of demonstrators over the past four months. Protesters are still really angry at the police who have been accused of using excessive force against the demonstrators. For months, Hong Kong's streets have seethed with discontent. Recently, university students in Hong Kong have started to protest to support the protests and help this situation that is going on. The umbrella movement has been a big movement since 2014, protesters have been using the umbrella.


Until 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony - meaning it was controlled by Britain Hong Kong was then apart of the British empire. Since returning to Chinese rule, it has more autonomy than the mainland, and it's people more rights. The arrangement is known as "one country, two systems".Years ago, Britiain made a deal with Hong Kong. A rule that wold last until 2047. Britiain ruled Hong Kong for many years until Britiain handed Hong Kong back to China. Under the “one country, two systems” style of government brought in after Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. When Britain ruled over Hong Kong, Hong Kong wasn't a democracy. Soon after, Britain broke the deal and Britain no longer rules over Hong Kong.


In my opinion, I think that we should NOT because, we already have loads of problems going on in our country like: The Climate Change Emergency and Brexit. Even Brexit hasn't happened yet and Climate Change is a huge problem for us, for everyone. If we interfere now, then our world could be destroyed, if we do interfere, we could become just like Hong Kong (protesting and police hurting others badly). Another reason why I think we shouldn't interfere is because even though we broke the deal, we aren't ruling over their country anymore. As I said, we have our problems we NEED to face. I think that HongKongers are wanting Britain to intervene is because no one in their country is trying to help them. They want us to help because we ruled their country before, so I think that they think that we know how to run their country. In Hong Kong, a teenager was shot in the chest by the police for protesting. I don't think that the police are doing that much to help the crisis because I think that they are just firing tear gas and rubber bullets, killing innocent people who are just fighting for their lives. MP's should talk about this in parliament, but not that much. We've got our own problems to worry about, if we've finished with all those VERY important "stuff" then I think that we should interfere. I understand why people would say that we should interfere because we did make a deal but we broke it. But I strongly believe that we should NOT intervene. I think the protesters want peace and freedom and for the promise that has been made (for the people to have freedom and peace until 2047) to come true, and for the police to stop shooting people who aren't guilty. I think that is one of the reasons why China wants their army to go after protesters in Hong Kong to maybe stop what is happening in Hong Kong.



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