Should We Intervene?

I see both sides of this issue why we should intervene and why we shouldn't.Here are my reasons why we should and why we should'nt.

Reasons Why We Should Intervene:

Reasons why we should intervene is because we were the ones who gave Hong Kong back to China in the first place. Hong Kong deserves democracy and deserves rights and freedom. Hong Kong should be aloud to choose who they want as the President because if they're not aloud then China can just pick someone who agrees with them and make Hong Kong listen to China and not have the Freedom and Rights that China agreed to let Hong Kong have. China is taking to much control over Hong Kong when they agreed that they would have their freedom. China is being to pushy and is now meddling with Hong Kong's elections which should not be happening.

Reasons Why We Shouldn't Intervene:

Reasons why we shouldn't intervene is because China and England have a really good shipping and trading bussiness and we rely on China for a lot of things. China has the biggest army in the world and if it comes to war then it is more likley for China to win.

My Opinion:

To be onest I see both sides of the issue and agree with both sides. I can't really decide because both sides of the issue have good reasons. What do you think should we intervene or not??

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