Should we intervene?

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Dear Harriet,

My name is precious_heart and I'm part of the Burnet News Club. They have sent us a issue which is " Hong Kong in crisis". The question is " Should we interevne?". I think we should help because we used to control Hong Kong but then we handed them back to China. Hong Kongs' president sighned a contract for their rights and freedoms. But China broke their pledge so now Hong Kongs' people have started protests and because of the new law that was set. The Chinese government weren't happy so they sent the police force. People in protests are physically getting injured and some are getting arrested. There is a man called Antoine who wants to help and sighned a petition to join the protests. I would appreciate if you could heklp me and other people that would like to help and we hope Hong Kong have a happy ending. Thank you for reading.

Yours respectfully,


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