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I believe that Britain should not intervene in Hong Kong. If we do, then China might spark war with us. If non nuclear warfare devastated us, then how would you expect a nuclear warfare to go. I wouldnt take the risk. If Hong Kong are suffering and Britain denies, just ask all the other trading partners such as Austrailia, Japan or USA? i strongly believe that britain should not intervene in the situation because it will create a rivalry between Britain and China (and we have a really good trading system). I wouldn't say this but it is a possibility. WWIII? Human extinction? it's a very very smal chance, but it is an idea.

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg focused_maths | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    26 Sep 2019

    I think we should leave Hong Kong alone because like you said there a chance of world war III and we don't want that or its the end of us and our country Hong Kong could come and takeover our country very easily

  • Brompton Westbrook logo assertive_keyboard | Brompton Westbrook Primary School
    26 Sep 2019

    I think we should help Hong Kong because in 1967 China and Britain made a deal saying that Hong Kong and China will be one country two systems (e.g in China you cannot speak against the government/president but in Hong Kong you can speak against the government/president so Hong Kong is more democratic than China) so Hong Kong is Britain's responsibility.I also think that we shouldn't interfere because it could end up as world war III and China has one of the biggest most strongest army in the world so I am neutral

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