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What has been going on in Hong Kong life update?:

Unfortuanely, a new law has been made this is why protesters are pouring down into the street until the goverment has changed the law. This is very and what I mean by very is VERY serious because when people of Hong Kong have been protesting the goverment has sent out every single police to stop the protestant but the people will never give up so now they are now shooting rubber bullets at protesters so this why they wear a gas mask or a mask. Also,if you have joined the prostesting you will be sent all the way to CHINA to see if guilty or inocent however if you are guilty you will be sentenced to jail!. They are also calling for border human rights reform. In my opinion I think human rights have been taken away from them this is why the protesters have been charging down into the streets, smashing windows and other things just because of this new law!.

Why hasn't the Goverement done anything about this?:

In my opinon, I think the Goverment didn't do anything about this, is because he is in his safe zone and he can order the whole Police to go down into the street and stop them prostesting and that he can make any laws that he wants in my opinion and he just sits back. Maybe in my opinion I think HONG KONG might need to change the Goverment if they want if this still carrys onand if the Goverment still refuses to change the law !!

Should we intervene:

Now we all know that us British have a few things on our hands for example Brexit and climate change but it's very important that we help Hong Kong because we brought freedom right to there country when we were handing to them in 1947. Some people from Hong Kong don't want us to intervene but if they don't want us to intervene it's fine by them.


I think we really, REALLY need to help them because we don't want to start a WORLD WARIII and if we did it could effect our planet and maybe farming.

World leaders need to think about this!.

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