The HONG KONG crisis

The British has been ruling for just over 150 years. In 1997 the British had stopped ruling Hong Kong. Many people have been saying and complaining that ''THE CHINESE HAVE BEEN GRIPPING HARDER AND HARDER TO GET CONTROL OVER HONG KONG''. The britsh claimed that there will be a 'one country two systems'. The chinese government are taking away their basic human rights and are treating the citizens of Hong Kong and china disgracefully. Now there are protests in Hong Kong also known as 'The ant-Extradition Law emendment bill movement'. Their aim is to oppose the fugitive amendment bill which was proposed by the Hong Kong government. In simpler words, prisoners,convicts and fugitives are taken to the supreme court of China which has a 99.9% chance of being found guilty, if found guilty the convict/fugitive will be put on trail. In conclusion, the Chinese government could start world war 3 possibly due to their disgraceful actions and should stop immediately. After all there are still 28 years to go for the one country 2 systems deal.

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