The war between Hong Kong and Britain!!!

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Wednesday 16 october 2019


I would like to talk to you about the issuse that is being faced between Hong Kong and Britain recently.

So past these 150 years Hong kong has been ruled by us,the british,until now.Hong Kong has now been able to become one seperate country,however Hong Kong and Britain have made an agreement with a petition, decieding that Hong Kong must remain unchanged until the year 2047.In my opinion if I were to be involved in this crisis I would suggest that even though the british aren't ruling Hong Kong they still deserve to be a supporter for China to be an individual country and not be under Hong Kongs controle and demands.So I think that Britain should intervene for the fact they have ruled Hong Kong for 150 whole years.

Now,in my opinion I would like it if the MP's listened to my idea because I think that the people of China deserve a chance of Hong Kong listening to the ideas of the people who live in China because Britain and China are like one team due to the fact that the to country's work very well together.For the future of Hong Kong and I would just wan't everyone to get along and China to stop taking away the FREEDOM AND HUMAN RIGHTS from Hong Kong.


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