Thought Leader for Hong Kong Announced!

graveney thought leader


At the end of each Issue, we choose one Thought Leader. This is the Burnet News Club who contributed really well to the Hub discussions and used the BNC skills. They might have written interesting Final pieces, won lots of skills stars or written posts and comments that got other members thinking and talking about the Issue.

The Thought Leader for Hong Kong in Crisis is Graveney School! This term Graveney students have made several contributions that have shown careful thinking about the delicate situation Hong Kong finds itself in. The vast majority of their stars have come through thought-provoking comments which have not only added original ideas to the discussions, but inspired others from other schools to think in a different way. You'll find interesting and insightful comments littered throughout the discussion board from the past half-term. Their final pieces demonstrated excellent knowledge of the context of this debate and their students drew logical and firm conclusions based on these foundations. Congratulations, Graveney School!

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