Two reasons Britain should and shouldn't interfere.

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I believe that Britain should intervene in the Hong Kong crisis. Since June lots of people have been protesting for their rights. I think we should intervene in the protests because we have our rights and Hong Kong is our responsibility so we should give Hong Kong the freedom they deserve. Another reason we should intervene is because in Britain and China signed a contract in 1997 saying China and Hong Kong will stay 1 country 2 systems until 2047 but China broke that promise and we need to help. We should also help because if we were Hong kong, actual Hong Kong will help.

I also believe that we shouldn't intervene. My first reason is because we've got Brexit on our hands and we don't need anymore problems. My second reason is that China are Britains major trading pathners and I don't want to stop that. In 1997 we had a deal 1 country 2 systems and if China broke the deal China should deal with it, plus nobody wants war especially against the most biggest, strongest army in the world! These protests are not our problem and it's not our bussiness and we don't want to support violence

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