UK government must take action

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Dear Sobhain Mcdonagh,

I am writing to you, to inform you that, we must take the Hong Kong crisis into The Houses of Parliament. I think this due to the lack of respect and listening from the Chinese government. After all, we are the people who set up the 50 year one country two systems deal so we must show our support for Hong Kong. The issue is most likely to go out of hand.

I would like you to take this to parliament because the people of Hong Kong are itching for us to help them. China are very close to us in trading so we could come to a calm compromise. If we do try we must do it in the most suttle and calm way since they have the biggest army in the world. But it is the best thing to do if we interfere to stop this hulla bulloo.

Yours sincerely grateful_crab.

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