What Could Be The Outcomes If We Intervened

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In my opinion, we could cause world war III.

Normally, China is the one that ships most of our clothes. Will this affect us if we intervened?

T0 be honest, China and Britain are global partners so will this change our relationship?

Even if we tried, we'd probably make the situation worse for Hong Kongers.

Really, since we are close friends with China, they might hear us out.

eVery time, they do end up getting their way.

Even though, China is killing its population person by person!

Niceley, China does help sick children in Ethiopia and Myanmar. Will this affect them?

Everything has it's goods and bads and that's what I've given to you.

Hong Kong may be in crisis but if we help, will this affect us also?

I made this post because we need to be prepared and acknowledge the side effects that might happen if we intervened. This may solve the case for Hong Kong, but will it end happily ever after around the world? This is because, Africa is being deeply affected by the ebola virus, and they and Britain are trying their best to solve it. If we disturbed, then thousands of lives may be lost. This is devastating for Hong Kong, but there are more serious dilemmas to solve.

Thank you for reading.

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