What could happen if we don't get involved?

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What's happening in Hong Kong?

At this very moment, someone in Hong Kong is getting seriously hurt, this is common to Hong Kong everyday. Imagine a place where you wake up, only to here screams, shouting ang violence. How would you feel? In this text i will explain how, why and what is happening in Hong Kong. To anyone who isn't familiar with what is happening in Hong Kong, they are dangerously protesting in varios violent ways, this is thy i know that we should get involved. However i can notice how other opinions can link together i see this by if someone wants us to get involved thats their opinion and if someone thinks we shouldn't get involved thats there opinion. How i think it links together is by if they send help to Hong Kong then we help, but if we could get to involved that could lead to problems in Britain too.

Main question!

I believe that if we don't get involved then Hong Kong could potentially never trust us again, when other countrys around the world find out about this let down they wouldn't let Britain sign any protection related agreements. If we let Hong Kong down they wouldn't rely on us to do any 'important' tasks in the future. From another point of view if we didn't get involved then that could of saved our reputation, something horrible could of happened to us. China and Hong Kong could come to our country and hurt us, we could get to invloved, and many more reasons. I hope you enjoyed my post.


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