What is news?

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News can be anything but in my opinion it is somthing that is partly bias and partly facts. If a person makes a newspaper they will always make it have some of their own opinions! If somthing is real news it shouldn't have any opinions of the person who wrote it because real news is (in my opinion) facts. For example, fake news (bias news):

  • BORIS MEANS BUSINESS! New priminister (Boris Johnson) has a new business plan that will make britan great again!
  • BONKERS BORIS WILL DESTORY OUR FUTURE! Our new priminister Boris Johnson will end up causing civil war if this carries on!

See those examples? These may not be true headlines but this is an example of fake news (bias news)! If you only read one newspaper about somthing you would think greatly (or horribly)of a person or subject! Newspapers almost never show two sides of a story because they tend to want people to agree with them! her is an example of real news (facts or two sides to one story):

  • BORIS MEANS BUSNIESS? New priminister (Boris Johnson) has a new business plan that he says could make Britan great again. There have been many people who belive this but many don't! A famous....
  • COULD BORIS DESTROY OUR FUTURE? Not all people are happy about who the new priminister is and so....

That is an example of the bias news being turned into a newspaper headline that is not as bias! If you were to read this you would be able to see that the new priminister could be good or bad!

That was my opinon of what news is!

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