What is the Hong Kong crisis?

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What it is?

The Hong Kong crisis has been a thing going on in the news recenetly.There has been many disagreements and arguements on how china treat Hong Kong.Many people from Hong Kong have been protesting about there basic human rights and freedom.

How it started.

It started when the british took over china and had control over Hong Kong for a hundred years.The british promised to give back Hong Kong after the period of time has ended.Hong Kong loved british rules because they had basic human rights and had freedom.When china took Hong Kong back the people hated it because they hated chinas rules because they did not have basic human rights of freedom.


Many people have been protesting in Hong Kong about chinas rules and how they want britain to be their rulers.Hundreds and thousands of people have protested about this.The protests started in march and april where people would be coming down the streets of Hong Kong protesting about chinas power and rules.

Then I started to wonder ...

What would happen if Britan did not give Hong Kong back?

What would happen if china had good rules?

The Hong Kong crisis has been very intresting and hopefully i can learn alot more about it.

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