What Should the People of Hong Kong do?

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The people of Hong Kong should try and speak up as they are being punished by China and ( as they might think ) us. The reason I think this is because all the posts/comments I've seen after this issue started are about what Britain and China should do and I haven't - I think - seen any about what the people of Hong Kong should do. But I think this is an important topic as the police in Hong Kong are finding it increasingly harder to think of ways to stop the protests. I've found this on google, the following things have been used in the protests : Corrosive fluid, bricks and petrol bombs have been used against the police when they where trying to stop them. This is bad since harmless citizens who are either protesting without violence or just trying to stay safe, could get injured or killed.

They should tell China that they should let them be a free country as I don't think that China really needs to own Hong Kong since they are already such a massive and populous country. If China stills percieves to say no then they have a right to be angry ( not that they already do ) but they shouldn't carry on with their protests as that would only make China more angry with them and then they would definetely not give Hong Kong their freedom. This might not be conclusive evidence, but Carrie Lam, the leader of Hong Kong, declined the offer to resign which could mean that she wants to do something about this immense problem.

There was also a report about 200 people from the Church of Christ in China Ming Yin College who formed a human chain around the area singing, "Reclaim Hong Kong." But with information about police coming into the area, they immediately fled. This shows that some - not all, obviously - citizens of China aren't thinking about the people in Hong Kong and they could be described as : careless, thoughtless. But ( of course ) not everyone is like that as this year only 10% of youth citizens are proud to be a Chinese citizen. This might give some hope to the Hong Kong people since they have 90% of youth citizens to talk to without them getting angry.

In short, Hong Kong citizens should tell China what they want to happen. If that doesn't work then other countries have the right to step in and say something as China would be being unreasonable and unfair. The Hong Kong people shouldn't feel scared and feel the need to protest because they aren't getting their basic human rights from China.

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