What's going to happen to Hong Kong after 2047?

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In my opinion, Hong Kong will face more protests and democracy will fail if China carries on breaking the treaty they signed with England. Maybe Hong Kong will become part of China and China will recieve a lot of financial experties with the citizens that currently live in Hong Kong. Hong Kong will suffer a lot if they are part of China. Hong Kong humans rights will also fail and Hong Kong will no longer exist as a territory. China 's power will increase on the world stage such as, Taiwan. Taiwan will be threatened and they could lose ther human rights and they can suffer. When China gains as a country they can become lethal and could lead to a lot of wars this will not be ideal as China has one of the biggest and most intoxicant army in the whole world.

China will become potentially the strongest country in the world if they take Hong Kong's territory and Taiwan's state. The Hong Kong will face a lot of struggle through the years if the Chinese carry on doing this and they take advantage of the exquisite territory. Taiwan however may lose their rights and will protest against China losing their people and democracy.

Soon Hong Kong will maybe no longer be a territory and Taiwan will no longer be a state

Should Hong Kong or Taiwan become part of China?

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