Who's fault is it really?

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This term we are talking about a recent news headliner.The Hong Kong crisis in china.You may have seen it on websites such as google or in the newspaper or maybe you just learnt about the Hong Kong crisis here like me.In this post I will be talking about what Britain has to do with Hong Kongs problems


britain had control over hong kong for a few years when they signed an agreement in 1841 to give china back in 99 years.So since Britain ruled over hong kong, they treaded it like Britain.Laws were changed Hong Kong had human basic rights.Everything was good and the people were happy until the agreement between Hong Kong and Britain ended in 1997.


My opinion on that question is yes.If Britain left Hong Kong the way it was non of this would’ve started.In class when we were talking about it I pointed out that if Britain Kept Hong Kong everyone would be happy.Well not everyone.Yes the governments would be angry for losing a country and the people who lived in China would move to Hong Kong to live a better lifestyle.But would you rather help a whole part of a country or help a few important people?Here’s an example... Would you rather help the queen or help the half of Britain?Thats a similar question but if it was the London crisis.


Would you rather save the rich to get famous and rich or save the in need to get loved?

Do you think Britain should of left China in peace?

Should other countries get involve?

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