Why are the Protests so Violent?

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...rubber bullets, tear gas, hand grenades. These are only a few of the things that are being used in the Hong Kong protests. As you can imagine, this is very dangerous and a risk to people living in Hong Kong. They are at risk of their life yet people are still doing it. You might ask, why? That is what this post is about.

Probably, you know why the protests in Hong Kong are happening. If you don't, it is because of a new law being put in saying that anyone in Hong Kong who needs to be questioned about a crime will be put to trial in China. Obviously, HongKongers were angry about this as if someone, who wasn't even guilty, was thought to have commited a crime would have to be sent to China and there was no point as they could have been put on trial in Hong Kong. But why are the so violent?: this is why.

The protests are now not just about the new law. They are about having their human rights not respected and about China not following the one country, two systems agreement and they are getting into Hong Kong business, which they have a policy of not doing. But all this is the wrong thing to do. China are becoming more stubborn and more angry and if Hong Kong continue like they are doing, will refuse completely and will definitely not give them their freedoms and rights back - in short, Hong Kong should stop. They need to be peaceful and tell China what they want as it will only get worse.


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  • Braiswick Primary School venturous_snake | Braiswick Primary School
    22 Oct 2019

    they are voilent because their human rights are not getting obeyed

    1. Weston-Favell-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_conclusion | Weston Favell Academy | United Kingdom
      venturous_snake's comment 22 Oct 2019

      Does this give them the right to be violent to the police -who do not have a say in how Hong Kong or China is run?

  • Braiswick Primary School valuable_chemistry | Braiswick Primary School
    22 Oct 2019

    Even if they stop doing violent protesting, China will not listen to Hong Kong if they do tell them what they want. China is a dictatorship so it will not listen to the people of Hong Kong and China has no democracy like Britain. And it seems like violence is the only option BUT the protesters could protest like other people in the past using peaceful protests like starving yourself. However China may not take notice because they don't seem to care about their residents .

  • Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
    22 Oct 2019

    Why would HongKongers try and starve themselves? It will only - eventually - end up killing them as you can't live without food for 6 weeks which might seem a long time but you would be very ill after a bit and the protests will probably last that long. Also, the Chinese Government won't see that your starving yourself and even if they somehow did then (knowing China) they probably wouldn't stop as what effect does it have on them? And also, are you saying the Chinese people will protest for Hong Kong as you said that China may not take notice because they don't seem to care about their residents. I do definitely agree with that - they don't care about their residents - but I don't think Chinese people will protest for them but they could still help.

    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      succinct_leaves's comment 23 Oct 2019

      You might be interested in the expert response about the Chinese people and their view on the protests - https://burnetnewsclub.com/issues/hong-kong-crisis/experts/sophia-yan-china-correspondent-answers-your-questions/

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