Why Britain should help Hong Kong

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Britain should help Hong Kong against China as we signed the agreement that people in Hong Kong would get all the rights of a British citizen but they aren’t getting those rights as China suppressing them. This is because they are going back on their agreement when Hong Kong was split between Britian and China and want them to be comunist like China but they are Capitatalist like Britain. This is because China was friends and had the same views as The USSR at the time but they are still Comunist like most of the disbanded Soviet Union .

Britain should help Hong Kong as we would be going back on the agreement as well and if in some radical future where Hong Kong rules the world they might be so kind to Britian. But anyway if China wants to declare war on Britian we can get all the suplies from other places such as America. The citizens of Hong Kong need are help, they are being denied the rights we gave them in the agreement with China. People would argue against this that Britain is to busy with Brexit, but it has been delayed three years now and these are people human rights being denied and Britain is responsible for them

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