Why Britain should NOT interfere

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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope you are doing well. My name is dependable_eagle and I, Personally, Am in strong opposition of the movement that of the United Kingdom interfering with the motion of the Hong Kong protests.

What can we do when China is one of the strongest dictatorships on Earth? As you may know that in 1863, we took the admistrative region of Hong Kong into our Empire. And then in 1997 we gave Hong Kong back to The Peoples Republic of China. This was labelled the ‘handover’.

My first point is that The United Kingdom could engage in a war, if it gets even worse, a nuclear one. China knows how weak we are compared to them, in army and nuclear aspect. They are slowly choking them with their inhumane policies. China is almost taunting us, saying “come on, try and stop us.”

Secondly, it’ll shatter our economy. China provides a lot of the things we use, eat and play with. If we attempt to stop China, they’ll maybe not want to trade with us any more. We are also losing many allies because of Brexit, like Spain, France and Germany who supply The UK with food and even cars. China is a big player in the world’s economy and we’ll be quite sparse of resources.

Thank you for listening to my speech I’ll pass it onto positive_potato.

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