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Welcome to our latest Issue on Extreme weather! We'll be looking at the impacts at responses to floods, fires, heatwaves, droughts and hurricanes. Please remember extreme weather does not include other natural disasters like earthquakes or volcanoes - these come from inside the earth!

You might have noticed that you can comment as well as post.


Please try to COMMENT more than you post. Comments help you connect with each other and enjoy showing agreement or disagreement, and asking and answering questions.

If you do want to write a post, remember:

  1. Posts must present a completely NEW idea or question - one that HAS NOT been discussed before. Always check to see if your question or point has already been raised, and if it has, comment on that one!
  2. Posts must gives an OPINION with reasons to support it- therefore it must be longer than a comment.
  3. It needs to be about the current issue - Extreme weather!

Please check the Hub for your question before you create a post - it might have been asked already!

Good luck and we can't wait to read your contributions!

Poems and A-Z's do not give us much to comment on as they are usually a collection of words and phrases that link to the topic.

Why not think of a new and interesting question that will get other students on the Hub thinking?

Why didn’t my comment or post go onto the Hub?

It might be because of one of these reasons:

  • We haven’t published it yet
    Comments are approved within 24 hours, Monday to Friday
  • It asked a question that has already been asked
    Before asking a new question, always check to see if someone else has asked it. If they have, comment on their post rather than making a new one.
  • It was not about the current Issue
    We keep all discussions on the Hub focused on the current Issue. This means you should only be discussing your BNC sessions and ideas that relate to it.
  • It was not appropriate
    Comments that might upset people will not be published
  • It did not add something useful to the discussion
    Very short replies such as “haha”, “lol” and “OK” will not be approved
  • It was not your own work
    Posts that have been copied and pasted from the internet, or from another club member’s work, will not be approved. If you are copying and pasting information from the internet you must include the web link to show where you found the information, and you must give an opinion on what you have found.
  • It’s still saved as a draft
    Check ‘YOUR POSTS’ if you can’t find a post that you have written. It might be saved as a draft.

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