Will China Get Involved ?

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According to 'The Week Junior' China is threatening to get involved with the Hong Kong protests. This means that there will be more violence, arrests and persecution, Hong Kong protesters will have to retreat and and stop fighting for their future unless they are willing to get fined injured or even killed!

Recently, the Chinese government have been distracted from the outburst, the pork trading has had a fault; there has been a disease spreading throughout pigs. They have had to slaughter over 1,000 pigs and, apparently, that is more impotant than the riots in their neibouring country.

Cantonese citizens are worried. They don't feel that their country should be enthralled with communism.

I spoke to a resident in Hong Kong about the situation:

1. Q. What affects do the protests have on civillians lives financially?

A. It is certainly a different world, the economy is caotic, tourists don't want to visit a place with riots, teargass and more. Saftey is not a difficulty, you can stay out of the commotion ,but financialy, it is a disaster.

2. Q. Is it like other protests you've seen?

A. Coinsedentally, it is a lot like the Extinction Rebellion but more violent. There have been multiple deaths including a 14 year old boy who got shot by a policeman. During the day, it is as quiet as nothing but when night falls, chaos tramples through the city.

3. Q. How many people have been protesting?

A. Millions. You may think this is an exageration but tens of millions of people want freedom from China.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    15 Oct 2019

    Well done for writing this post. It shows great open-mindedness by interviewing someone and researching the issue in The Week Junior. Can you do some further research to check that what you have written is true, and back up the information with another source? For example, have there been multiple deaths as a result of the protests?

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