Will the protests stop if we do nothing?

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If you don't know why people are talking about this Hong Kong Chris well I'm here to shed some light on this thing.

The people of Hong Kong are having their RIGHTS ABUSED by the government and it has GOT TO STOP they need our help and we choose to do nothing and hope that it just goes away. It isn't fair on them they have rights to and it's not fair that they are having their rights abused. So now you know what the Hong Kong Chris is well I'll answer the question you came you came here for.

Reasons why and why not the people of Hong Kong should stop protesting (in no particular order).

  • If they keep protesting people could get hurt
  • I reapeat rights ABUSED.
  • They will never get justice if they stop.
  • It could lead to an uprising in terrorists and bombing.
  • It could cause major companies to collapse and cause world resource shortage

So in conclusion we should help them and get this sorted out as fast as we can.


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