Would the Sino-British Joint Declaration worked if China listened?

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The Sino-British Joint Declaration was a deal made between China and Britain. It stated that Hong Kong would keep their legal Banking systems and have their own government until 2047 ( 50 years since the deal was signed ) at which point China would fully take over. However, China isn't following their promises they made back in 1997 when the deal was signed. They are interfering and meddling with the Hong Kong elections and not giving them their human rights. But if China followed the rules in the Sino-British Joint Declaration then would there be any protests or would there be no violence in protesting?

This isn't an easy question to answer. Even though people are protesting about the new law being put in, the people are driven by China not listening to them. I do think the protests would definetely be calmer and less violent if China was listening to the agreements made in the Sino-British Joint Declaration because that, as I said earlier, is the force they are driven by. It would help if China actually listened to the things HongKongers are trying to say in their protests and maybe they will calm down a little. That is the first step, before we do anything else, is to make sure they can calm down a little bit and we could talk to them. We shouldn't take too big a step as it could make them too angry and we wouldn't be able to talk to them. An example of this is that I was reading a book called Small Steps by Louis Sacher. He used a metaphor to help describe this. Think, if you were in a river, and the current was pushing you really hard, then you need to tak small steps or then the water would push you off your feet and you will flow downstream. I know, it's weird.

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  • Braiswick Primary School spirited_insect | Braiswick Primary School
    18 Oct 2019

    I agree. Although the protests would be easier they certainly wouldn't stop because of the new law that was welcomed.

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  • jeiya Siapno.jpg EXPERT: Jeiya Marie Siapno, Software Engineering Apprentice @ KPMG
    21 Jan 2021

    Thanks for your input @succinct_leaves. You stated that the protests are driven by the Chinese government not following the agreed conditions set in the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Can you give a specific example of a condition that China has not followed and explain why Hong Kong residents are dissatisfied to the point they are protesting?

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