Would you protest?

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There has been protests in Hong Kong lately because the people living in Hong Kong feel that China are breaking the one country two systems rule.

There is one main question I am asking you and that is...

Would You Protest If You Lived In Hong Kong?

Here are things you could think about to help you with your opinion.

Is violence the way to solve things?

If another country was trying to take over your country what would you do?

If people are getting hurt by police would that happen you?

Could you show that you don't agree in another way?

Would the situation get better or worse if you protested ?

Why protest if you have better things to do?

When would the protesting stop?

How would it effect your life?

What if you got sent to a chinese prison?

I hope that these questions have helped you come up with your opinion and that they have let you think a bit more about the crisis in Hong Kong. So if we go back to the question I asked, would you protest? please comment to give your answer.

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