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What questions do you want to ask our experts?

You'll probably find that the Burnet News Club sessions you take part in leave you with lots of questions about the topic you've been discussing.

So, we ask experts on the topic to answer your questions directly.

Add your questions in the comments below...

We have the following experts lined up to take your questions!

  • Johnny Paterson, The Director of Hong Kong Watch , a charity which researches and monitors threats to Hong Kong’s basic freedoms and the rule of law
  • Sophia Yan, a China correspondent for The Telegraph, a national British newspaper
  • An important protester in Hong Kong
  • Man-Kei Tam, Hong Kong Director from human rights charity Amnesty International
  • Masato Kajimoto, Assistant Professor at University of Hong Kong, specialising in journalism and education about the news
  • A journalist from the South China Morning Post

The closing date has now passed, but thank you for all of your questions! You can see what the experts said by finding their posts on in our Editor's Picks!

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