All perspectives are important!


I think that all perspectives are important because in Myanmar the Rohingya tribe are fighting for freedome because they don't get to say their perspective of what happend. For example its like when you get blamed or told of on when you havent done it. Also, for example in Myanmar the Rohingya are getting persecuted and are having to flee their homes to come to Myanmar and say to the people of Myanmar that they're from Rohingya but they won't believe them and say they are from Bangladesh and they have to go back. This shows that even if your from a different tribe part of your country or continent you still respect one another even if you don't like them or they don't like you.

My second reason i believe this is that sometimes people are wrong so they don't get their say even though they should. Just because your right doesn't mean your the only one who gets their say of what they want. For example,when you are a child and your teacher asks you a question, you don't have to always get it right .This shows that you can get things wrong as long as you learn from your mistake and next time you might get it right.