All perspectives point of view is important


I believe that everybodies perspective is equally important to whoever asks about an opinion. If some body asked me about my opinion of the Rohingya refugee crisis I would say that I do think that it isn't fair that people behave like this but I do think that everyones point of you should be heard. I believe people should be heard but actually I don't think people like terrorists or people who kill should kill harmless people even if there is a reason because nobody should be threatened or kill for no reoson whatsoever. The Myanmar situation is a very important thing to be learning because the Buddist are making the muslims flee their country even if the muslims they have lived there for most of their life. 700,000 muslims have had to flee Myanmar and stay at refugee camps. Loads of muslims have been saying we come from Myanmar why should we flee the country we have been living in for most our lives and some even have kids and they have had to flee. Bangledesh itself is a porr country and they have to cope with another 700,000 people they must be having trouble with the amount of work and the amount of money they have left. I believe that peoples perspectives should be heard like Aung San Suu Kyi she doesnt't even blame the army that are murdering harmless citizens she points the finger at those terrorists she points her finger at people who have done wrong but doesn't blame those of which who have come from the army and killed thousands of people who are now living in the country that she lives in now. Aung San Suu Kyi was imprisoned in her own house for 15 whole years and she still doesn't blame the army living and guarding her country. she could think that people have stories backing up their stories that people think are bad stories as if people are killing but who would kill someone for no reason. But I do think that everyones perspective should be heard because they could lead to something extrordinary like helping the country or were ever you are it could help and change something.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 15 Oct 2018

    Hi dependable_expression! This is a jam packed Final piece, and I awarded a star for your use of reasoning. There are lots of them in here! At points, it is slightly hard to follow. I think some paragraphs for each new idea would help, so think about this next time you write a post!