Ang sun su kyi points the finger at terrorist


the issue about mymar has gotten serious for a while Ang sun su kyi leader of mymar hasn't disscused the issue for for long time before Ang sun su kyi was actually under house arrest for many years until she was aloud to leave which is when she was made leader she was aware of the prosocutions the people were geting sick and tierd of wiating so one day people of mymar struck a police out post wich just made things worst many of her speeches did not talk about the prosocutions until a speech in 2016 she pointed the finger at terrorist. people in mymar have had help from the gouverment but I want to know why she didn't mention the army and prosocuting the people of mymar I personally think that she is trying to protect the army. Mainly I want to see what she is going to do about all the people in bangladesh who are making it hard for the country knowing it is already a poor and is struguling to cope with all the extra people I hope many of my questions are answerd and that the rohingya's will be abel to return home

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