Are all perspectives equally important?


There has been an issue in Mynanmar. 700,000 people are being pushed out of their country , even as you read this. We have heard from many people and have asked ourselves this question . Are all pespectives equally important ? Personly I think they are and not .

One reason I believe this they are equally important is beacuse , if you only hear from one person you would not get the whole story. If you hear from every one you would know what happened. For example in Mynanmar , if we only heard from the military they would only tell us their point of view and why they are doing it . But if we hear from everyone we would understand the whole promblem and know how it started . If we heard from everyone's point of view , we would understand why they are doing it , how they are coping . Say someone has been hurt we would know what happend and how . So it can be delt with properly .

I also disagree that al pespectives are equally important.

All pespectives are important but not equally important. Say if someone had a fight and someone saw it their pespective would be important. If someone is playing football and they only heard it their pespective is still important but not equally important . For exapmle in Mynanmar , a citizan in a different part of Mynanmar would of heard of it and watched videos about it but have not seen it . So their pespective is not as important . If a rohinga person gave their pespective it would be important because they have seen it first hand . My pespective would not be important because i am a boy who is learning about it and dose not know alot about it . I cant really give a good pespective on this topic .

In conclusion I think you should hear all pespectives beacuse you can get the whole story . But I also think pespectives are important but not equally important beacuse someone can be miles away and give their opinion but it is not that important .

Thank You

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