"Are all perspectives equally important?"

Final piece: MYANMAR

There is an issue in myanmar,over 700,000 Rohinga people have been forced to flee their homes in myanmar. This has resulted in extreme violence and major persecution. It is believed that the military are the ones being violent and raciest to the Rohingan poeple. We as a club have hear a wide variety of perspectives such as Aung San Suu Kyi's perspective the state counselor of Myanmar ( the leader ) to the military's perspective ( the army ) which was all leading up to one question..." Are all perspectives equally important?" . I agree with this this however i do disagree at some terms.

One reason i agree with this is because just hearing one persons perspective you would belie them normally like"The school trip" exercise it taught us to listen to other peoples perspective or you won't hear the whole story you may also be listing to something violent,racist,sexist or it could even be a lie.For example , in Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi has very adamant about the myanmar crisis since august 2018 when she made a speech saying that it was all fake news and teroists. In case you did not know the millitay are the ones pushing out the rohinga however even if i think that thier perspective is equally important does not mean that i support this teroist thing;the only reason i think it is impotant is becuse the UN could find their motive(s) and confont them/it to put an end to this unfair sicle of hatered.

Here is a reason why I disagree with the statement is that all perspectives are important just not all of them are equaly important they are all important just not equaly important.For example my point of view is not as important as a rohingan persons point view because i havnt had to flee my home becase someone had set it alight or have to flee from my own country purely to survive dying fo being differnt.I would be the person sitting in the conforts of my hom reading the news of myanmar or i would be sitting on the carpet in school.

In conclution,now you hopefully know why I cant make my mind up to simply choos a side but at the end of the day it does depend on what thee issue is and what the quotes suggest.

By Adventurous Piano