Are The Military Too Reckless?


I've written this post as I am very dissappointed in the way the Military have been acting. They have been very harmful in times before this Rohingyan event. When Aung Sann Suu Kyi got her Nobel Peace Prize it was because she didn't give up or go bonkers when the Military ATTACKED HER SUPPORTERS! She could have easily rounded up her supporters and fought back but they rebelled PEACEFULLY. I think the Military are being EVEN MORE violent now as they couldn't finish of Aung Sann Suu Kyi. So they thought: HEY! Those Rohingyans haven't been rebelling PEACEFULLY, and you know how it turned out for the Rohingyans in the end... But aren't the Military being too reckless? They knew that only a small amont of the Rohingyans actually did anything.

They should be stopped.

I'd like to know who else is with me in this matter, or who else has other ideas which I would be happy to hear as well. Remember everyone should have a GOOD reason for why they've written down what they've written down!

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