Autistic people are different

Autism is something that you can not see. Autistic people may not like loud noises , crowded by people,some do not like to be touched they are kids they find it alot harder to process in there minds.They don't have something in there body which makes it alot longer to go to sleep unless they have a special tablet which will help them go to sleep. When you see them thirst they may act normal but later you mite see that they are different. You may be able to tell that they are autistic straight away because they may act strange or were a pair of headphones, because they are sensitive to certain noises.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    21 Sep 2018

    Hi understanding_atom. Thanks for giving your opinion on this important topic. You have shown good understanding of how autism affects people.

    The Hub is a place for discussing the Issue that you are exploring in your Burnet News Club sessions. Next time, please share your ideas on this so that everyone stays on the same topic. Thank you!

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