Believing Everyone Should Have Speech


Surely and definitely I believe everyone should have a say!

One congnition I truely believe is that people should have a say. Why? All people need to have a say because if people didn`t, this would be a human right taken away.In addition, you might be missing out on significant information which we couldn`t get as me made this rule. For example, people in Myanmar(the military) may say that the Rohingyas are not what they seem like( innocent) .

For instance, this idea may be strange but even animals should get a say.Although animals can`t speak to us if we can see their expression or see that they`ve been hurt by explosions and shootings this can explain the military is having a part which we will get to know if we let them have a say.

Fortunately, we can have more information to punish people for their wrong doings. Listening to people can also be a way we can also understand people better and sort the situation.For example, there may be buddist in Myanmar but that doesn`t mean they all don`t like the Royhingyas so they can tell us what they think and feel about the problem.

In conclusion, I think everyone should have a say because most perpectives are important.If you don`t believe this, why should you have a say?