BNC viewpoint activity

At the BNC club, we did an activity in which we had to choose two viewpoints that we could write a news report about.

It was quite hard as it was difficult to select which opinions are most valuable. They were all valid but, in the we choose two that would allow us to have a balanced view. As well as this we had to try an understand which source

The options were a UN representative, a Rohingya refugee, a university student or the state counsellor for Nya mar. Though, before we decided we were given more information about them.

The UN representative was part of a committee that tried to solve world problems (the UN). Already we can start to trust this person’s point of view more than the others because the UN is a trusted international source. This means what they say is more likely to say the bare truth. Despite this a downside is that the Un has been given little access into Myanmar. They have satellite surveillance but it is debateable whether that, because it cannot be influenced by emotion, more reliable than witness reports.

The Rohingya refugee is fleeing from their country. They have witnessed first-hand the ruthless persecution and murder of fellow Rohingyas. They are jobless. Generally, a first-hand report is the most trustworthy though I would be concerned that this traumatic time influence or exaggerate what happened.

The university student is of the Buddhist majority. This majority is up to 90% of the population. This means the person, although we can assume they are intelligent, might not have much knowledge of the Rohingya minority. As well as this they learn the information they do have through a social media platform. Although gaining truthful information this way is possible, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are all notorious for fake news and propaganda. This means the opinion they give may be founded on false knowledge or bias.

The counsellor for Myanmar (Aung Sang Suu Ki’s) has been an activist against military rulers of Myanmar. She won a Nobel prize and had to endure on and off house arrest until 2015. Although she has stood up for justice in the past, in the Myanmar crisis, she has been refusing to condemn the military. This means she is not using her power to stand up for the Rohingyas. This is what she should be doing as state counsellor. Why she is not acting is not known.

Now we have all the people with all their descriptions it is time to select the ones you want.

Immediately, I eliminate the student from my selection as their opinion would have potentially been founded on false beliefs. This means that what they think is the truth could not be. They wouldn’t even be purposely lying. Also, they are a well-educated Buddhist citizen the complete opposite to a Rohingya because their persecution has caused lack of education.

I would definitely pick the UN representative as they are from a trusted organisation. Also, they have no reason to lie, they are not part of the conflict; they are just an observer who can see both sides.

This means I would have to choose between the eyewitness refugee and the counsellor for Myanmar. The refugee was actually there but his statement might not deepen the story and trauma could have influenced what he remembers. The counsellor was not present at the place the wrongdoing happened. Aung Sang So Ki was the ruler of the country though and her opinion would reflect the government’s.

For that reason, I would choose her as she would add more depth to the story by explaining why her government were not condemning their army.

So, my final pick would be the UN minister and the Myanmar counsellor.

Please comment on your opinions and because I have not included it your own news reports.

All information is from the Club lesson.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 08 Oct 2018

    Well done for excellent meta-cognition (this is when you think about your thinking). You have shown great reasoning thinking through your decisions, so I have awarded you a star. I wonder what other BNC members thought about this task and if they made the same decisions. Comment below with what happened in your classroom!

  • I choose the state counsellor and the Rohingan person so we know what the state counsellor has to say ,as many people argue that she is not doing anything. On the other hand , people say that she is busy and cant control what is happening . I choose the Rohingan person as he was known to be in Mayanmar for a very long time plus he had a first hand experience of what happened . Also, the state counsellor is a Buhiddist and the Rohingan person is a Muslim so we will get a mix of views...

  • I would not rely on the Rohingan student as she finds her news from Wikipedia and Facebook where people can make things up and them there will be people arguing about witch news is right and witch is wrong .

  • I did not choose the U.N. person because I have already choose someone important and if I choose U.N. person it won't be very equal so to have a mix of all the different viewpoint and we can visually compare and decide .

  • Hello efficient_wolverine, we did the same task at our school! We didn't choose a person from Myanwar because they don't really know much about the problem with the Rohingya so they wouldn't be good to interview. We didn't choose someone from the UN as WE were the interviewers and wanted to get things WE found out not the UN. So we chose Aung Sang So Kyi and the Rohingya person as they were in the center of the problem apart from the Military. We did it so Aung Sang So Kyi defended the Military and acted as if they had nothing to do with the problem. For the Rohingya person he was saying he'd had nothing to do with the Rohingya rebellion but had to suffer all the same.

  • My group chose the Myanmar person, because if I was a news reporter I would need a perspective rom someone who experienced it, and once I found out what the experience was like, I chose to interview the UN to find out wha they were doing about this, or if they were doing anything at all.

  • We did the same task at our school, and I chose the Rohingya person and Aung San Suu Kyi.

    I chose the Rohingya person because I think that it would be interesting to hear from them and how they feel, because I cannot imagine how sad and scared I would feel if soldiers suddenly came to where I lived and started attacking my family and friends and burning my village. I think that the public would be interested to hear from them because they probably do not know what it is like for that to happen to them. I think that then the public may change their minds about how they feel about the crisis after seeing it fron the point of view of a normal person, not somebody important who has a lot at stake for what they are saying.

    I chose Aung San Suu Kyi because she has been acting very defensively and it would be good for the public to hear what she has to say. Also, I chose her because she is a very important figure in Myanmar, and she is meant to be keeping peace, which she is not doing, so the public would like to hear why not.

    We did not choose the Myanmarese person because they just found all the information on the crisis on Facebook, which is very unreliable, because there is a lot of fake news on it.

    We did not choose the person from the UN because they had not had a first-hand experience of the crisis, and had not been really allowed into the country, so cannot see what is happening. He can only tell what is going on from reports and photographs, which may not be reliable.

    We said that the Rohingya person was very indignant and afraid for the future and that Aung San Suu Kyi was quite defensive and did not reveal much, just saying that she thought that it was the fault of the terrorists.

  • I would also choose the UN minister and the Myanmar State Counsellor as I think the minister would not be biased on the subject as the UN are focused on solving world problems and not just there to play the blame game.
    The Myanmar State Counsellor may be slightly biased but I believe that she has an interesting story to tell as she claims to be trying to change the situation but so far has not.

  • I chose the Rohingya refugee and the Myanmar State Counsellor .

    Rohingya refugee
    I chose a rohingya refugee because as Rohingya he would've experienced alot amongst the military and the bad treatment that the country is giving them. They would've also witnessed alot which will help the article to provide a clear understanding of the situation which then can create opinions on others mind.This also gives a chance to build emotions to the reader as the witness expresses their feelings and the life struggle that they're going through.

    The Myanmar State Counsellor
    I also chose the Councellor because as a counsellor Aung Sang Suu Kyi knows her responsibility but if she's not making any actions then everyone will surely be wondering why. So as a news report creaters it is a job to include and cover every little question that someone might ask. For that reason ,I would ask Aung Sang Suu Kyi about her actual actions towards this and if she has any solution for this.