Many people are devastated as their homes are gone and they have been forced to flee their homes. Due to this, many people are in refugee camps. They are being persucuted because they are different. Their homes have been burned down to persecute them. They are being told they are not free to go where they want.

Aung San Suu Kyi has said that she has been in prison because she was fighting for democracy. Other people are horrified at why they are doing this and what their homes look like now. Many people are hoping that them and their family are going to be okay. Lots of those people have lived in Mayanmar for generations and their homes have been very precious, and they now dont have much food, water and they dont have much shelter. Others also disagree with this. They are being told that they dont have any freedom and they cant belive in what they want and have their own religion and belives. Evetryone has the right to their own opinion and freedom. Lots of others who are not in Mayanmar, hopes everyone there and going through this will be okay.