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Many different people have their own different perspectives with the issue in Myanmar.

Reporting here Inventive_bat & entertaining_tangerine.

In Myanmar the government and military who are Buddhists, are trying to force the Rohingya people to change to their religion. If they do not comply then they are persecuted. This has led to over 700,000 people fleeing the country. This links to Article 9 "Your right to freedom of thought, belief and religion" This is because the Myanmar government are not giving freedom to the Rohingya people.

Kobir Basar, a Rohingyan person (Unemployed) states "The military set fire to our houses and were killing people. I saw this all with my own eyes!" This gives us evidence as this person has said how they have set fire to houses and how they would flee. His family has lived their for generations and never before anything like this has happened. He is now living in refugee camp that we cannot name.

Aung San Suu Kyi, a Buddhist (The State Counsellor) has quoted " We are concerned to hear that numbers of Muslims are fleeing across the border to Bangladesh. She has not been talking very much about this issue but when she has been she has blamed it on the so called 'terrorists'. Although many people argue that it is her fault some people think that she is very busy. But as she is the leader of the country many feel she should be aware of this. She has been said to ignore the cries of the crowd of Rohingyan people.

Article 9 of human rights

"To protect your right to freedom of thought, belief and religion"

Article 9 of human rights clearly states that everyone has their own freedom to think what they belive.

(Some info on article 9

By Inventive_bat & entertaining_tangerine

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