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Hey guys it's me again, artistic_opinion and today I am going to talk about some facts and some intresting things on Burma/Myanmar.Please leave a comment down below of what you think about this post and make sure you are reading my posts because whenever you can.They can be really intresting! So without further ado lets begin...

Facts on Myanmar:

  • Myanmar is a country in South-East Asia
  • The capial of Myanmar is Naypyidaw
  • The leader of Myanmar or president, is: Htin Kyaw.
  • The state counsellor of Myanmar is Aung San Suu Kyi
  • The main towns are Yangon,Mandalay
  • The Population is 55,167,330.
  • The Size is 676,578 square kilometres (261,227 square miles)
  • The currency is called Kyats
  • The intenet country code is call MM

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