Do the Buddists living in Myanmar deserve to stay there?

Myanamr is a fine country for people who fit in, but should one group of people really be living there if another group are being kicked out?

Personally, I think that the Rohingya people should be in charge and the Buddists may live in country if they wish. If the Military have nowhere to go, their problem. The only thing that might cause trouble is that the Military may rebel and cause more problems then the currant situation however if all the countries get involved there will be no chance of the Myanmar rebels winning.

Of course we know where that may lead but something traumatic is going to have to happen if we want to put an end to this crisis. We can't ignore what is going on for much longer especially with the way things are going. I feel strongly about this but I would love to practise my open-mindedness and hear from anyone else.