Do the Rohingya people deserve to be treated this way?


The Myanmar government are determined to make the Rohingya people leave their homes in Myanmar. They are seemingly backed by Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who has refused to condemn the actions of her military. They argue the Rohingya brought this upon themselves, following the actions of a group, who attacked a police outpost. The Rohingya claim they are being persecuted for their religious beliefs (being Muslim, rather than Buddhist like the majority of Myanmar people. So do they deserve to be treated in this way?

As claimed by Aung San Suu Kyi the Rohingya have brought this on themselves as they attacked a police outpost at their own will so if they did not want this to happen the rohingya terrorists should have considered the consequence of their actions. On the other hand, not all the Rohingya are terrorists and if you are going to treat people like dirt they are going to stand up for themselves at some point. The Rohingya people were being persecuted long before the attack on the police station and so it could be argued that they were fighting for their basic human rights. does this make them terrorists who deserve to be forcibly removed from their homes and separated from their families?

Overall, i believe all humans deserve the basic human rights and all faiths should be repected equally. the Rohingya people do not deserve to be treated the way they have been for many years and therefore they should not be treated like slaves to the Myanmar government

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