"Every Perspective Are Equally Important" (Do You Agree?)


I agree, because everyones perspective will make it easier to understand the situation. Also for us to not miss any infomation out.

One reason I believe this, it is because if you miss info, maybe that info could change this situation from bad to good. Also, infomation that are missing will be extra diffucult for people to undersatnd the situation,

For example, back then it was very mirsiable for some people, but then when people stood up, it changed EVERYTHING.

This shows that everyones perspective is important because those people who stood up had a story to tell, imagine if they couldn't say their story, it wouldn't be the same like now.

A second reason I believe this is because your mental attitude is very important, especially to the govement. Even one mental attitude can change things in life.

For example, you should always be positive if someone greets you, if you say am super, it will make you feel happy and grateful of what you have because others dont have what you have, also some people enjoy working with others who try to live their lifes which is a beautiful gift, because currently in Myannmar, as you already know, is very damaged by the Rohingya, this is why you have to be grateful.

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